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Approved Clinical Supervisor #2448

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor #8721

Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist-Associate #3312-A

BC-TMH Board Certified-Health Provider #1962

National Certified Counselor #276967

Keisha Saunders-Waldron

Keisha Saunders-Waldron is a licensed clinical mental health counselor, professor, coach, and co-author with over 18 years of experience in the mental health field. Keisha offers an extraordinary holistic counseling approach to creating a safe and therapeutic environment for individuals and couples to improve their quality of life.

Keisha’s expertise in anxiety management, high-performance leadership, conflict resolution, and work-life balance has garnered recognition from several high-profile clients. Keisha provides services for the music industry, professional athletics, senior corporate executive office, and general counsel for individuals and families. Keisha’s mission is to help her clients find inner strength and self-confidence—to help them become innovative communicators, building boundaries while consistently driving healthy and long-lasting results in their personal and professional lives.

Keisha has professional affiliations with renowned organizations such as the American Counseling Association, the North Carolina Counseling Association, the National Board of Certified Counselors, and the Licensed Professional Counselor Association of North Carolina. As an adjunct professor at Northwestern University, one of the top 10th-ranked schools in the nation, Keisha brings her clients a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

In addition to being a mental health advocate, Keisha is also a serial entrepreneur and a force in the business world, holding a Goldman Sachs 10sbk entrepreneur certification and a woman entrepreneurship certificate from Cornell University.


Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor #15076

Brittany M. Huggins MA, LCMHC

Brittany received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in March 2016 from South University in Greensboro, NC. She has worked as a Mental Health Professional for six plus years as a Homeless Shelter Childcare Professional, Maternity Group Home Manager, and a Private Therapist in a private practice since 2016. As a private Therapist, Brittany provides a solution-focused theoretical approach to counseling using Reality Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to create change.

Clients will understand that the therapeutic relationship is a partnership in which they will be expected to put in the effort for homework, be accountable, and be present within the counseling process. Brittany’s goal as a counselor is to provide a safe environment where we can explore your primary interests, develop goals and determine strengths and assets as you move toward your new desired behavior.

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